Pandora Tablet

Pandora Client Request:

Reformat and resize animated gifs for Samsung Tablet. Animated gifs need to be at a higher resolution for display on a tablet - will serve as a home/navigation screen


Using the low resolution animated gifs and the HD videos from which they were created – recreate the animated gifs at a higher resolution then reformat them for a Samsung Tablet


  • used Adobe Photoshop to recreate animated gifs from original HD videos

  • resized each gif to fit on a Samsung Tablet

  • made arrows same height as text

  • increased size of all text to make each option more prominent

Designed in Adobe Photoshop and prototyped in Principle, documented and packaged for development team


*images & videos property of Pandora Jewelry


Recreated animated, high resolution gifs formatted for a Samsung Galaxy Tablet


Original animated, low resolution gifs formatted for an iPad