RSS Weather Digital Signage Feeds

Mood Media Client Request:

Create a variety of responsive and editable digital signage weather feed templates for client use


Design full screen landscape and portrait, short and long side bar, and short, long, and portrait bottom bar layouts with image and text and text only options


UX Research:

  • new, modern, clean designs

  • show 3-day or 5-day forecasts

  • include date, time, location, weather conditions, high and low temps

  • animations

  • increase customization for users

  • quicker loading times - no more Flash!

  • larger variety of themes to choose from



  • increase user customization - user template options include: custom designed realistic weather and weather font icons, temperature-based gradients, solid colors, weather condition-based gradients, and editable fonts and colors

  • location, time, and weather determined by zip code

  • all HTML5 for quicker loading times

  • designed 7 responsive weather feed themes using Sketch (compatible for mobile)

  • created a custom designed icon font using Adobe Illustrator

  • realistic weather condition images created using Adobe Photoshop

  • animations for side and bottom templates for 5-day and 3-day forecast themes

  • increased use of digital signage weather templates by clients


Custom icon font created in Adobe Illustrator, realistic weather images created in Adobe Photoshop, designs and templates created in Sketch,  prototyped in Principle, and documented and packaged for development team


Custom Icon Font


Custom Realistic Weather Icons


Temperature-based Gradient Background Options


Weather Condition-based Gradient Background Options