Texas Roadhouse Jukebox

Texas Roadhouse Client Request:

Redesign digital jukebox to increase user experience and interaction


Collaborate with product development team and following Texas Roadhouse's branding, create a new, updated design for their interactive jukebox. Expand single screen design into multiple to increase user interaction and remove "flip page" feature. User should be able to search and select songs to add to the player queue 


UX Research:

  • Need something more modern and updated

  • No more "flip pages," difficult for a user to use and identify - swiping is much more intuitive

  • A better filtering system would be great - current version only displays songs alphabetically

  • Very text heavy

  • No proper search function - would be great to have a way to search for songs, artists, etc.

  • No player queue to show what is up next

  • Not sure how to tell if a song has been selected to play

  • Light color scheme seems really bright in a darker lit restaurant



  • Created a promotional default screen for when user activity is low

  • "Now Playing" bar incorporated so a user always knows what song is playing and the remaining time

  • Player queue display created so a user knows what is playing next

  • Navigation is comprised of arrows and swiping - much more intuitive

  • More options for filtering: artists, songs, genres, & popular

  • Can search for songs & artists alphabetically

  • Used side search feature so more search results can be displayed at once as opposed to a bottom search feature

  • Album artwork included to make songs more easily identifiable

  • An identifier created for a user to know that a song has been selected to limit the amount of times it can be added to the player queue

  • Color scheme changed to a dark one, using Texas Roadhouse's colors as accents - better readability since restaurant is darker lit

  • Modal windows incorporated to allow a user to either keep searching or request a song


Designed in Sketch and prototyped in Principle




Created detailed wireframes for all screens outlining design and content (see examples)


*all images property of Texas Roadhouse